We keep close tabs on the global economy using two observational publications, Global Inflation Heat Maps and GDP Heat Maps. The monthly Global Inflation Heat Maps are a monthly visual representation of the evolving inflationary pressures across various sectors in the world’s largest economies. The quarterly GDP Heat Maps summarises the national accounts data for 53 countries.

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GDP Heat maps

January 2024

Global inflation: is 4 per cent the new norm?

Global nominal growth stabilised in the third quarter, at 6.6 per cent, with strong showings from Japan, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from US and Canada, and from Italy and Russia. A spurt in US real growth counterbalanced a widespread softening of activity, while global inflation ticked higher in Q3, led by emerging countries.


December/January 2024

A widespread frost!

Significant progress has been made recently in bringing headline inflation back into the target range for advanced economies, but core inflation rates remain sticky. Inflationary trends in emerging nations are wildly divergent, ranging from the mild Chinese deflation to the quickening of inflation in India and Russia to wildfires in Argentina and Turkey.