We offer our clients a commitment to intellectual honesty and rigorous analysis. We remain politically independent. Economic Perspectives is not wedded to a particular school of economic thought (such as New Keynesian, Monetarist or Austrian) not chained to an economic model. We prefer to let the data do the talking, keeping our focus on issues of burning importance to investors.

The economic news flow that bombards financial market practitioners hourly remains heavily skewed to patterns of production and consumption typical of 20 or 30 years ago. Like the drunkard looking for his keys under the lamp post, financial media continues to shine its light on information that is readily available rather than that which contains the greatest insight. We seek to redress the balance, gathering hard-to-find information and combining it in such a way as to give it due weight.

Economic Perspectives provides a framework of thought that pulls together strands of information and analysis and weaves them in to coherent narratives for our clients. These narratives concern economic growth, inflation, financial flows, asset prices and currencies. We allow the counter-narratives developed by others to challenge our thinking and look for areas where our own thesis is poorly supported.

At Economic Perspectives, our mission is to make sense of global economic and financial developments that are often confusing and complex. As our client, you will benefit from access to these critical insights, giving you greater understanding and clarity to inform your decision making process.